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Anti Blue Light Glasses



Not all blue lights are good, that’s why we have these anti blue light glasses to care for your eyes.

When we think of light, we think of warmth and nourishment. But not all lights are actually beneficial. The high energy blue lights from screens like phones and laptops are damaging to the eyes

anti blue light glasses

These sometimes results to some difficulties or irritation to the eyes.

Effects of blue lights to the eyes

  1. Causes headaches
  2. Affects sleeping pattern
  3. It can cause dry/watery eyes
  4. Causes fatigue
  5. Slowly damages the eyes

Benefits Of Anti Blue Light Glasses

Benefits of blue light glasses from Karsoletti

anti blue light glass male model for Karsoletti

1: Less Eye Strain – Because of blue lights, you face stress on your eyes after looking at phones and laptops for long hours. Anti blue light glasses helps reduce this stress. In fact, you will feel an instant comfort on the eyes immediately you try them on!

2: Better Sleep – Just like how you feel alert when you take a walk out in the sun, you will feel alert when you use your phones or laptops before you sleep. This makes you feel awake and not ready to sleep on time. If you have some late night work to do, anti blue light glasses will help you see your screen better, and you can go to bed on time.

3: Reduces Headaches – You can have migraine just by being on the phone for long. With these glasses, you get less headaches, and you can spend more time on screen.

4: Reduces Risk Of Eye Issues By 40% – The cornea of the eyes is designed to help fight off UV lights. Especially from the sun. However, it can only do so much at a time. The longer you stay on screen, the lesser it is able to filter out these harmful lights. If exposed to too much light, it can get damaged over time and result in a series of eye defects. With anti blue light glasses, this danger is reduced by at least 40%.


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